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Future launches safer internet strategy

15 Dec 2021

The 'Our Future, Our Responsibility' campaign also includes a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2026.

Future plc has revealed its plans to champion a safer internet for all as part of ‘Our Future, Our Responsibility’, its responsibility strategy which launched last week.

The organisation, which reaches 305million people online every month, intends to use its content and significant influence in this area to battle fake news and misinformation online, as well as ensuring its brands and colleagues are truly reflective of its audience.

Zillah Byng-Thorne, CEO of Future, said: “Being a responsible business is at the heart of everything we do. Our portfolio of brands gives us the platform and opportunity to influence and inspire people, and to encourage positive change for a more sustainable environment through trusted information and advice.

“We want to build on the work we have already been doing, increasing the representation of diversity through our content and amongst our colleagues, as well as providing opportunities for careers in media for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

The organisation’s decision to take a stance on the safety of the internet will be founded on a responsible content framework for its brands and a more proactive position on the issues which it hopes will inspire other publishers to follow its example to create an ecosystem of trusted content on the internet which will weaken the web of fake news.

The strategy, which divides Future’s focus into four pillars also includes ambitions around achieving carbon neutrality by 2026, this will be achieved through a combination of reduction methods and offsetting.

They are also committing to leveraging their brands’ influence to create positive societal change through their expert content, facilitating lifelong learning for all.


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